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About Compulease Networks Pvt Ltd

We Buy, We Trade & Sell your Excess Network / Telecom & Test Equipments

Compulease Networks a Bangalore based leading company, being an independent Distributor, today closely addresses to the key needs of a corporate / SMB or any company's IT Network infrastructure.
Over the time since inception, the company has specialized if offering its exclusive services such as:
  • Rentals of IT Networking & related Services
  • Sales & Support Services for both Domestic & Overseas Market
  • Global Sourcing & Logistics
  • Assets Liquidations

Compulease Network’s success is attributed by a strong Reseller & Distributor network that has spread over different countries in America, Middle East, East & West Europe, Central & South Asia. While each region specializes in a specific range of products for their local market, it allows us to offer a variety of lines along with competitiveness & stock support with service backups, while guaranteeing Quality Assurance, On-time delivery, Market Knowledge & Updates, with quick response to inquiries.

CNPL addresses to its clients who strive to harness utilizing the most of global sourcing potentiality in reducing the Buying / Investment cost. CNPL have developed an unparalleled expertise in sourcing Hard-to-find products of IT, Products & Networking Equipments & Telecom Hardware of all makes as well, providing product lines for Corporate & Data center needs, be it critical / Time bound / hard to find obsolete IT Equipments & spares.

It’s our Global sourcing Team that supports as an Integral element for many corporate Companies & Distribution channels that initiates & follows the programs forming an integral part of their Strategic Sourcing & Planning for procurement.

Compulease Networks (CNPL) Supports these corporate through Global Sourcing team through quick deliveries & lead times, being associated with efficient & economical logistics offering services worldwide.

As a IPO company, CNPL has a reason to specialize itself in identifying a potential market for exclusive Products Assets which could be termed as Excess / Downgraded Inventory. With its wide supply chain programs, CNPL identifies the buyers for these Assets and helps corporate & other business houses to liquidate its Assets & offer a better value for their equipments.

As a part of an integrated business strategy, the company believes in modern technique of Web Marekting, Sales & Promotion activities. Formed with an industry expert team & addressing to the client's exclusive needs, CNPL offers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that plays a vital role in promoting a company's business activities.

All volume based orders placed on us attracts unbelievable discounts...

Contact us for the complete details of order bookings for future requirements on complete range of Cisco and Juniper & other Networking Products.